Thursday, June 5, 2014

B.Berry's Clothesline Tour- Post 1

Author: B. Berry
Publisher: Vigilante Publishing Group LLC
Pages: (Paperback) 326

When Hilda's love for Frank wanes and finally fades into dust, she becomes desperate to get rid of him, but she can think of only one way to escape the brute of a man. She devises a plan and with the help of her best friend Pearl, they pull off the impossible. In 1965, on the fringes of the Jim Crow days and the building tension of Bloody Sunday swirling around in the background, their world is turned upside down as secrets, lies and even murder fall out, threatening their very lives. Will these two women find the peace they so desperately seek?

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anna Lynn Blog Tour with Katrina Vore

Title: Pulled by Darkness
Series: Finding Light Series Book 1
Author: Anna Lynn

After the loss of her husband and two children to a drunk driver, twenty nine year old widow Eva Hernandez sales her home and business. Then to only add salt to her wounds she attacks the drunk driver, lashing out in court, mourning her loss she is given the choice or jail or therapy.
With her grief pulling her into the darkness and her anger surrounding her constantly, Eva begins to wonder if these court ordered therapy sessions will ever help her regain who she once was.
Michael Williams, a professional licensed therapist has been assigned Eva’s case and instantly he sees more to her than the anger and grief that has consumed her soul. Soon he finds himself showing interest and Eva begins to open up.
Never to have been one to break the rules, Michael suddenly finds himself getting involved and attracted to the foul mouthed Eva, who he believes that she just could be the girl worth throwing the rules away for.
Determined to show Eva that she is allowed to have a happy life and love again, Michael will do everything he can to help her through her pain, adjust moving forward, and pull her from the darkness that has embraced her for so long. 


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Title: Shadowed Heart
Series: Finding Light Series Book 2
Author:Anna Lynn

Alexander Parker, the successful business owner of Alex’s Bar, has always felt as if he’s been missing something. With a past haunting him, his greatest fear is that he will end up going down the road of abuse and addiction, following in his parents’ footsteps.
Melissa Lopez is a dreamer, with a passion for music and a voice of an angel, she collides with Alexander. Stepping into his bar and his life, Melissa finds herself drawn to him and wanting to mix business with pleasure.
Alexander never believing he is worthy of love, Melissa must fight through his past demons, showing him that even a shadowed heart and tormented soul is worth fighting for, that he is worth fighting for and having the love he has always dreamed of. 

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Anna Lynn has always had a vivid imagination, creating stories from a young age, finding her outlet with a pen and piece of paper. Currently working on her Finding Light Series, a trilogy, Anna Lynn has many more tales to tell. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband and two beautiful daughters.  

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To Darkness with Love

Releasing MARCH 1st. 


Author Katrina Vore lives in Central Illinois with her husband and their four children. She loves reading and writing which you can find her doing most days.  Her family comes first as those close to her can testify.  Family time is very important to her so when it’s that or vacation time that is the only time you will find her without a laptop in front of her.  However you can then find her with a legal pad and pen jotting down ideas that her mind might not memorize.  She blames it on the ADD! You might also find her sneaking a small device to check email, book stats, or Facebook.  But her family still loves her.  Katrina spends a lot of time tracking back and forth to football games and soccer fields were her mind is focused solely on her children. She and her children share a few things in common adrenaline junkie and a mind made to love any fantasy they can dream of.   Her daughter can draw things that she only wishes she had the talent to do. And the other two are still figuring out their notch in the sporting area.  Her oldest son can do anything he sets his mind at and excels. But she is there cheering them on as their biggest supporter, as her husband does for her and her writing!  Stay Connected with Katrina via Facebook.


Saturday, November 23, 2013


By R. L. Smith

Ethan Burke only has eyes for Emily, the problem? She’s human and he’s a vampire. He watches over her, trying to protect her until one night she vanishes. Kidnapped by a Master Vampire who killed his parents’ years ago, Ethan believes the Master is using Emily to lure him to his lair, convinced he only wants to finish the Burke family off. Ethan seeks the help of Devin Riley, the vampire which took him in as his own. Together they set off to find Emily, only Ethan gets a surprise. After finding Emily, he sees his mother for the first time, she’s not dead but one of the undead. Forced with making a decision, will Ethan choose to save the mother he’s never known or the girl he’s just met?

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweete & Lovelace Blog Tour Spot

Wicked Wonderland
A Wickedly Sweete Erotic Collection
By Zoey Sweete

Take a walk into the world of the wicked, where your deepest desires come to life and your inner fears push you to erotic limits. Enter a wonderland of dark lust, and sinister passions that will drive you to the brink of ecstasy. Wicked Wonderland is a collection of dark erotic short stories that will open your mind to forbidden fantasies and leave you wanting more. Wicked Wonderland is Zoey Sweete’s complete collection of short erotic stories and poetry that will leave you breathless and begging for another wicked tale…

“Leave behind your inhibitions…take my hand into the darkness…allow yourself to be free in a world of madness…Feel my lips, my fingertips, as I slide the cuffs against your wrists, and understand this…I will always be wicked, and you can join me or beg me to stop…but being will only make it hurt worse, and joining me will bring you into my world, my Wicked Wonderland…”

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Naughty Witches and Deviant Desires
By Zoey Sweete & Anna Lovelace

Paranormal Erotica Author Anna Lovelace joined by Zoey Sweete have come together to bring you six sexy stories of Witches Behaving Badly while unleashing their most deviant sexual acts on the hottest of paranormal creatures. Witches; powerful, sexual, and always getting what they want when they want it. Naughtiness is their game, care to join them for a spell? The Paranormal Realm is home to some of the most wicked creatures, kinkiest witches, deviant demons, and all the others that literally go bump in the night. Within these pages you will join our Naughty Witches on some of their trysts and tantalizing tales, of sex, spells, and dark encounters that will leave you lusting for more…

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-Prize: Winner will get a bookmark and E-Book copy of either Wicked Wonderland or Naughty Witches and Deviant desires.
-How to Enter: Leave a comment below answering this question “What is your guilty pleasure?”  Be sure to put your email address in your comment so we can contact you.  The more comments on the tour the higher your chances for winning.
Winners will be selected at the end of the tour.